The Minor Thirds

The Minor Thirds

We made some music, and now you can download it

We're adding our back catalogue to Bandcamp. Go there and download our albums, including Nebraska From Afar and Dishwasher Thief. (Pay what you will!) Dinosaur Attack

To celebrate, we've put out an EP called Dinosaur Attack, which has four songs (some new, some old) about, well, dinosaurs attacking. Some real, some metaphorical.

Also, videos

Some videos over on YouTube: Adam And Eve On A Raft. The Homonculus Stomp (live). Moose Jaw (live).

And of course the Saskatchewan videos: Boston. Taxonomy. Moose Jaw. Mail Fraud. The Giraffe. Points North.

Steak knives, in the middle of the night

The Minor Thirds are sweet and sour sauce. They are agitated and relaxed, confident and insecure, weary and excited to see you. Their smile shines, like a knife. They are ambitious homebodies. They invite you in for tea and ask you personal questions that nearly make you cry. Should you laugh at their jokes? Was that even a joke? Nearly.

The Minor Thirds were a band from Portland, Oregon whose latest full album is called Nebraska From Afar (amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp). On it they play a jittery classical guitar, an upright bass, a snare and cymbal, and add whatever they can--accordions, trumpets, theramins, tiples, ad hoc gospel choirs. Melodies and lyrics get bandied about like water balloons in a fire. They promise it will be fun. Come in from the rain, they say, and have some tea. They promise not to make you cry. They promise.

But right now, they are holding their breath

The Minor Thirds are doing that thing that bands do, sometimes: Going back to school, having children, playing in other bands, etc., etc. Who knows what the future will hold for the band; in the meantime, you can download most of their recordings at Bandcamp.